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Red Flags: Icks, Personality Quirks, or Warning Signs? How to Know the Difference.

It's Your Crash Course in Relationship Self Defense!

Master the art of safeguarding your emotional and physical well-being in all types of relationships—whether with family, friends, colleagues, or romantic partners. Learn to recognize relationship warning signs and know what to do.

Your well-being matters, and by understanding the warning signs, you can protect yourself from emotional or physical harm. Knowing the red flags can help you avoid anyone who may be emotionally unavailable, self-absorbed, narcissistic, or just plain incompatible with your values and protect you from frustration, dissatisfaction, and even mistreatment. Empower yourself by prioritizing your well-being and a future free of toxic relationships.

The warning signs are in here.

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The HALT Method for Selfcare

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